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Single Eyelash Extensions

Yoshieyelash serves single eyelash extensions with SABLE LASH, curved to replicate a natural lash shape. Most lightest, perfect fit for your own eye to same as natural look. They are applied to each individual natural eyelash one by one.

What is SABLE Lash?

SABLE Lash is most luxurious lash. Compare to MINK and SILK, SABLE has the lightest, feather look and its shape has closest shape to your natural lash. You will have first-rate experience once you attach them.

What curl shape do you have?

We have J, C and D curl. C curl is the most popular shape. We will have consultation firmly before the session. You can let us know what kind of eyes you are imagining and we will have perfect finish.



50/50 100lashes                                        $130+tax   ($117 Member Price)

60/60 120lashes                                        $140+tax   ($126 Member Price)

80/80 160lashes   (Average)                     $180+tax   ($162 Member Price)

100/100 200lashes                                    $220+tax   ($198 Member Price)

120/120 240lashes                                    $260+tax   ($234 Member Price)

If you want to have more lashes, Please go to VOLUME LASH Page

If you have a lot of lashes and JUST NEED A CURLS, Please go to KERATIN LASH LIFT Page

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