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Flat Lash Extensions

Flat lashes are our most dramatic eyelash extension. 


Flat Lashes have a wide, flat base that increases the appearance of density at the lash line without adding extra weight. This makes us possible to our clients the length they crave with added thickness as a bonus. 

Plus, the flattened base provides more surface area for bonding, meaning better retention, and less opportunity for the extensions to twist or turn on the natural lash.

Why choose Flat Lashes

It is suitable for someone who would like to keep the natural look but still obvious. 

What curl shape do you have?

We have J, C and D curl. C curl is the most popular shape. We will have consultation firmly before the session. You can let us know what kind of eyes you are imagining and we will have perfect finish.


50/50 100lashes                                        $150+tax   ($135 Member Price)

60/60 120lashes                                        $160+tax   ($144 Member Price)

80/80 160lashes   (Average)                     $200+tax   ($180 Member Price)

100/100 200lashes                                    $240+tax   ($216 Member Price)

120/120 240lashes                                    $280+tax   ($252 Member Price)

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