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Eye Shampoo / Lash Treatment

Bring back all eyelash roots cleaned completely and reminds their fullest possibility.

Eye Shampoo is to wash out your lash roots like head spa for your eye. Whole the process you will feel the greatest feeling you have ever had. Nothing will be hurting you. Just relaxing and we will shampoo your eyelash.

Lash treatment is for the damaged lashes. We use 3 different personal blended essences to have your lash growth the maximum possibility they remember. 

You can have extension sessions after this treatment.

Step 1

Dirt removing process.

We use organic herb remover to gently removing any dirt on your lashes. 

We can do this process with Eyelash extensions.


Step 2

Eye shampoo process.

Our eye shampoo is imported from Japan. Organic herb shampoo that makes soft form to cleanse things firmly

You will feel dreamy experience here while relaxing for 5 minute leave on.


Step 3

Lash treatment process.

Using 3 difference essences to bring our treatment firmly into your lash roots. 



EYE SHAMPOO ONLY (Step 1 & 2)                                     $25+tax

LASH TREATMENT (Step 1 & 3)                                          $30+tax

LASH TREATMENT 3times Package                                   $80+tax

EYE SHAMPOO & TREATMENT SET (Step 1&2&3 )          $55+tax

EYE SHAMPOO & TREATMENT SET 3times package    $150+tax

If you want to make your lash dreamy, Please go to VOLUME LASH Page

If you have a lot of lashes and JUST NEED A CURLS, Please go to KERATIN LASH LIFT Page

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