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Eyelash Beginner/ Advance Course

Our eyelash salon training courses offer Japanese highest and latest lash manners and techniques.

 *Please note that these courses require a valid ID and a license.

Beginner:​ In this course, you will learn basic practical and comprehensive techniques by the experienced eyelash professionals, everything from product knowledge to applying individual lashes.

  • Fee: $1500 

  • Total Hours: 10 hours

  • Products included: Eyelash extensions ( J, C, D ), Twezzer x 3, Remover, Glue, Tape x 2 kind, Blower, Comb

Advance: In this course, you will learn and acquire some techniques to design the eyelash extensions with a live model.

  • Fee: $1700

  • Total Hours: 12 hours

  • Products: Not Included


Microblading/PMU Course

Micoblading and Permanent Makeup Training courses available at Yoshieyelash.

If you are interested in taking any course, please reach out to us at

(646) 932-1227

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